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Journeyman III

RX 560

Hi All, I have recently upgraded to Rx 560 from my old Amd Radeon HD7570. But I don't notice any performance differences, nor is my GPU using all of its performance / VRAM. it uses only 1GB Vram / 4GB. I'm running the latest Amd Drivers for the Card but there is no difference. I'm getting 8-25FPS on Low/Medium settings even on older title games. Based on my research online my GPU only needs 85W at max load and I've seen similar builds running at stock PSU with no issues. I couldn't find any solutions to my problem if anyone can help me out that be greatly appreciated.

My PC Specs:

HP 6200 Pro MT.

CPU : Intel Core i5 2400 | 3.10Ghz

GPU : ASUS AMD Radeon RX 560 4GB OC Edition | 21.3.1 AMD Radeon Software

RAM : 12 GB DDR3
PSU : HP 320W

Motherboard : HP 1497

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