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Journeyman III

RX 5500 XT Screen Flicker After Wakeup

I built my system a couple months ago and everything's been running smoothly except for a minor annoyance that comes from the GPU. Every time I'll wake my system up after a while, and the screen will flicker between static and black. Replugging the HDMI cable is a quick and consistent fix, but it would be nice if there was a more permanent solution. I'm not necessarily sure what it might be since there are no other issues even while gaming with thermals typically around 67-70 degrees max and I'm hesitant to RMA a card on that minor an issue especially with how things are right now. Anyone experience anything similar or know what it might be?

Monitor: LG 22MK430H-B (FreeSync is turned on; connected through HDMI)
GPU Driver: Radeon Adrenalin 21.2.3
CPU: Intel Core i3 10100
Motherboard: MSI H410M-A Pro
PSU: Gigabyte GP-P450B 450 Watt

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Adept III

hi, only a suggestion but trying display port instead of hdmi may help. Although this sounds like a problem of waking from the sleep state, I imagine it doesn’t happen from a cold boot.

one other consideration is if you have upgraded the graphics drivers but without a complete uninstall and then reinstall I believe this may lead to problems. I have a Radeon 570 and used to upgrade with each new driver and I did see problems a bit like this. I eventually did a removal of AMD drivers and a complete driver install. Since then no problems. It does mean I am still on the version 19 of the drivers though!

i hope this might help, it is probably not a hardware problem.

Thanks, I'll try a complete driver uninstall since I have the UHD 630 to fall back to while doing it. I'd try DisplayPort but my monitor doesn't support it so the closest alternative would be buying an adapter but I'll go through with that if the former solution fails.


Hi if your monitor doesn’t have display port I wouldn’t explore this route more. I think the fresh driver install (having removed the old driver with Amd tool) is your best bet.