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Journeyman III

RX 5500 XT Junction temperature

Good day to everyone, I have a little problem with my GPU, which is a RX5500 XT 8GB from MSI, thing is that when i play some games like Tomb Raider: Rise of the tomb raider or GTA V mi junction temperature is extremely high, my gpu temp is like 67 - 75 °C while my junction temperature is like 100-105°C  and of course the gpu fans are pretty loud when i play. Curiously it did not happen before like I used to play gta v and the fans never made a little sound but now they sound a lot this happened like 6 months ago, suddenly one day it started happening in some games. I dont know what to do and I am afraid than my gpu might have some thermal paste problems maybe?

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Re: RX 5500 XT Junction temperature

Well 105c is almost reaching the Maximum Operating Temperature for the GPU hot spot (Junction Temperature) of 110c.

The 5000 & 6000 series GPU cards are engineered to work up to 110c Junction Temperatures (Hot Spot) before it starts to automatically throttle or slow down to keep the Hot spots at 110c or cooler.

The GPU cards have numerous Thermal sensors throughout the GPU card to measure Junction Temperatures. Any of those Junction Temperature reaches 110c the GPU will throttle automatically.

Check that your GPU card fan and  heat sink are not dirty or full of dust which might prevent good air flow inside the GPU card.

Also check that you have good air flow inside your Computer case.

If the GPU card is fairly new the thermal paste and pads should be good unless the thermal paste was defective and went bad sooner than it should have.

I would open a MSI Support ticket if it starts overheating constantly over 110c. You might void the MSI Warranty if you try to change the Thermal paste or pads by yourself. just guessing though.