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Journeyman III

RX 480 with DVI/DP Adapter not responding


Hello, Im trying to install my new saphire RX 480 with an I5-4460, MSI PC MATE mobo, 430w PSU and 8g ram. I am also running a QNIX 2710 monitor. This monitor doesnt have an HDMI or DP only DVI so im running a DVI-D/Display port adapter. After installing the drivers, disabling my onboard graphics and installing the card I get no response from the monitor, the fan for the graphic card is moving so I know its getting power. The monitor is working because I can connect it to my onboard graphics DVI port and even though it wont run off that it still registers it. Im getting no response from my RX 480 with the dvi-d/dvi adapter. Any help is greatly appreciated.ed.

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Re: RX 480 with DVI/DP Adapter not responding

Personally I would want a better PSU than the one you have, a quality 650W one at least really since the bare minimum would be a 450W PSU for that card and even then it would have to be a very good one.

You also need to ensure that the DVI to DP adapter actually works at 2560 x 1440 as lots of them don't.  Most likely it would need to be an active adapter not passive for that resolution.