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RX 480 / RX 580 / RX 590 PCB differences?

I'm looking to get the Raijintek Morpheus II cooler which only listed to fit the RX 480 reference design GPU but i have the Powercolor Red Dragon RX 590 (which i assume to be reference design?) and was hoping that because the 580 and 590 are both refresh designs of the original 480, the PCB would be compatible.

Can't seem to find any info on this anywhere, anyone know for sure?

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I went to the Morpheus II Website and it doesn't mention the RX GPU series as being compatible: RAIJINTEK  

In fact I looked at all of the Morpheus coolers and none of them supports the RX 4xx ot 5xx series GPU Cards.

Morpheus 8045:

Morpheus Vega:

Morpheus II Core Edition:

So I don't know where you received the information that the Morpheus II was compatible with the RX590 GPU card.


I didn't say it was compatible with the RX 590, i asked about how different the reference design PCB is compared to the 580 and 480 because i know the Morpheus fits the RX 480.

Overclockers list it as so - ▷ OcUK Tech Labs 'Airflow Control' - Raijintek … | OcUK 

and i know of at least one confirmed install - Installed a MORPHEUS II cooler on my RX 480 : Amd 

Also i found a video of someone putting it on a RX 580 -


Seems like Morpheus Specs hasn't been updated to include the RX480.

You probably are aware that you might void your GPU card Warranty by installing this GPU cooler.

As for the difference between the reference design PCB depends on who the manufacturer of the GPU card is. In my opinion, you can have 3 different RX580 or RX590 with 3 different PCB designed boards from 3 different manufacturers.

AMD provides the GPU Chips and the manufacturer designs the PCB board for the GPU card. Unless there is a Standard PCB board that all manufacturers must follow. But I have no idea if that is factual or not.

I suggest you open a Raijintek Support ticket and ask them if the Morpheus can be installed on the RX 5xx series GPU cards or not or if they supply any special accessories to make it compatible.


Raijintek's response is more or less ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Unless i can can confirm if Powercolor use the reference board design for the RX 590 Red Dragon then find out how comparable the reference board design is across the three models (480 / 580 / 590) then i just have to gamble on it

Thanks for trying to help though


No problem.

I just mentioned 3 GPU as an example only. There probably are more than 3.

Anyways, Good luck.

If you are able to install the Morpheus on your RX590 maybe you might want to give an update here to let other Users know it is possible.