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Journeyman III


hello, I have a gigabyte RX 460 4gb, and in the last months I have been crashing the pc, at first I thought it was the processor temperature, so I bought a better refrigeration, but it turns out to be the graphics card. What happens to me is that I am playing normal, and a screen of different colors appears (it depends on the predominant color of what I was seeing: if it was a forest, it would turn green, if it was a desert, orange)
Could someone help me solve it?

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Journeyman III

I also have this problem and one time I managed to get an error message. Something about an atikmpag.sys. the two biggest problems with this error is it's inconstancy and it's complete freeze up of the system. Sometimes I can play Fallout 4 for 8 hours and nothing with happen. Sometimes it loads and crashes immediately. I can play a game like Space Engineers and it'll never happen. But Skyrim it can't even finish loading the game. Supreme Command loads and crashes after 5 minutes but Sins of a Solar Empire can play fine. There is no explanation for this other then FAULTY hardware. Normally I would be biased against AMD because I generally prefer NVIDIA. But I decided that this RX460 was a good deal for 4 GB DRR. Clearly I was wrong. As far as I can tell right now with ZERO support from AMD or the community is still an inferior product.