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Journeyman III

RX 460 2GB - Low FPS on Borderlands 2 (Ubuntu 16.04, Windows 10, 8 and 7)

Hello, it's 2018 and i still having issues with Borderlands 2 (and Borderlands too).

My old GPU was an GTS 450 and it performed much better than my RX 460, on the same system (about 60 to 80 fps).

I tried:

  • Updated drivers;
  • Older drivers;
  • Clean Borderlands 2 settings and erasing it from Steam Cloud, then Downloading Borderlands 2 on a fresh Windows install;
  • Clean install (of many systems);
  • Linux (native) Ubuntu 16.04 with Radeon PRO driver (Steam Cloud settings were not used);
  • Windows 7 x64 (had to use another disk and disable UEFI, because my two other disks are GPT and i can't boot into W7)
  • Windows 8 x64;
  • Windows 10 (first build) x64;
  • Windows 10 Creators x64;
  • Setup all game dependencies by myself.
  • Installed on my secondary disk, which have Windows 10 and a lot of developer tools, i thought i could be missing some prerequisite (i work with C#, PHP and mobile apps and have a full install of Visual Studio), but even with that alot o MS packages, i got same result.
  • RivaTuner shows normal use of processors (but only four cores out of eight), and 100% of GPU (RX460) on areas that my GTS 450 stayed with 70%.

Nothing helps, i still getting intense FPS drops and low framerate (20 to 40), but if i simply format my computer with my old GTS 450, then install Steam, the driver and finally BL2, it works so well.

On Borderlands 2, if you go on outside of Sanctuary then look for a man who is investigating a crime scene, then look to him towards to your spawn point, i'm getting incredibles 20 FPS! While on GTS 450, 70 fps, on the same machine.

My issues are exclusively with these two games:

- Borderlands (If i disable dynamic shadows the game works very well)

- Borderlands 2 (No tweak or configuration had effect).

I can play Mortal Kombat XL, Crysis 3, Shadow Warrior 2, but its impossible to play Borderlands 2 on RX 460, but on GTS 450 it's fine.

* By low FPS, i mean really low, about 20 to 40 fps.

My system:

- 8 GB RAM DDR3 1600 Kingston, memcheck OK.

- GA-970-UD3P rev 2 (updated bios), all tests passed.

- FX 8120 3.1Ghz, tried to disable turbo, fixed on 3.1Ghz, turn off energy saving, but nothing helps.

- 120gb SSD Kingston for system, i also tried to install Borderlands 2 here, but i've got the same result.

- 600w 80plus power supply, i don't remember the brand right, but its working fine.

- H45 watercooler, temps are about 25º on idle and 40º playing.

- RX 460 2GB Gigabyte.

Sorry for any mistake on writing this post, i'm don't speak english.

There is absolutely nothing to do to get this game at least playable on 60 FPS? Thank you.

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