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Journeyman III

Running 21 displays off a Windows 10 box with 4x Radeon Pro WX9100?

I inherited a Windows 10 box that has:

  • Windows 10 64bit PC
  • Ryzen Threadripper CPU
  • 4x AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 video cards
  • 1x AMD FirePro S400 sync card

We are using it to run a 21-display display wall through miniDP to DVI cables. We had it running on the beta driver from fall 2017 where it was laggy but could be configured through 4 Eyefinity groups that were then stacked on top of each other through the Windows display configuration. 

We installed a mandatory Windows 10 update that broke the system and we can't seem to get it back up. In the past, we somehow we got it to run with multi-gpu eyefinity on the old drivers. It had very poor refresh rates and was not quite right, but it worked enough to make the SLS we wanted for about a year. Now the old drivers don't work, and the most up-to-date drivers make the system crash anytime we turn on multi-GPU eyefinity. I know multi-GPU was/is not technically supported on the WX9100 and only works for the 7100 now, but I'm looking for whatever worked in the past.

fsadough - you had an old box file for Multi-GPU eyefinity that no longer works, and you have mentioned working on getting multi-GPU support for Windows 10 on the WX series in past forum questions. Any chance you have an idea of how it worked/how to make it work?

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Re: Running 21 displays off a Windows 10 box with 4x Radeon Pro WX9100?

Please PM me your email address