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Adept I

RPCS3 Performance

Hello, i recently bought a VEGA64 and i'm soooooo disapointed by it's performance in emulators, more specifically in RPCS3. I had a gtx770 before, which performed about 1.5x/2x (FPS) in that emulator!!!! 

It's a known problem and i regret switching back to AMD/ATI for emulation, such a shame....

On the RPCS3 site i found:

AMD (proprietary)


  • glMultiDrawArrays is broken. Workaround implemented and problem reported to AMD. No replies yet.
  • glGetTexImage/glGetTextureImage/glGetTextureImageEXT do not work with immutable textures if pack/unpack byteswap is requested. Workaround implemented.


  • Raster pattern requires 'Strict Mode' to be enabled to deal with framebuffer feedback loops, otherwise a diagonal line may be observed on screen between triangle edges.
  • Primitive restart is 'broken'. This seems to be a GCN hardware bug as it also affects mesa drivers to some extent. Workaround implemented. (confirmed - see this commit)

So AMD, will you improve your drivers performance in emulators? Or at least reply to RPCS3's developpers? In MAY 2018 they wrote to you fabout Vulkan performance (primitive restart), still NO REPLIES: (quote from kd-11, RPCS3 developper)
There are several driver bugs that require workarounds for AMD hardware to work without crashing. This does add a load on the CPU. You can experiment with a config file option to disable one workaround (enable Force Primitive Restart) but this will likely just kill the renderer. For now we have to wait for the issues to be fixed by AMD. They are reported for some time now but still no reply.

I like gaming and emulators, at least NVIDIA works directly out of the bx, and a mid-level 4 years old card beats your actual high level card...

Can we hope you contact RPCS3 devellopers, or improve your drivers performance in emulators; or should we just buy an Nvidia card?