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Adept I

Relive Choppy unless game is locked at 60fps

I have an RX580 and R5 2600X with 16GB DDR 3200 RAM on an X370 motherboard running Windows 10. I have a Viewsonic Freesync 144hz Monitor model XG2701. Videos are recorded previously to an SSD and now to a new M.2 drive.

Recorded Relive video is not smooth. It is stuttery and choppy. While recording the game itself is smooth. This is on all games and all drivers for the last year.

I game at 1080P. If the game is locked at 60 FPS the video playback is glass smooth and perfect. If I unlock framerates the ressulting recording is choppy and stuttery. With or without Freesync enabled. It's not AWEFUL but it is not smooth. Not decent quality for upload or sharing. 

Is there a setting that resolves that? Or is Relive not able to record anything smoothly when not locked to 60 fps or less?


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