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Journeyman III

Red screen while playing Divinity Orginal Sin 2


Occasionally i experience red screens. Those come and go, so it's kind of not a big deal, until now.

While playing Divinity Original Sin 2, game often crashes, and it happens really often. I mean like every 10-20 minutes of gameplay. Cannot be played. I googled it, and lots of people with AMD graphic cards have same problem. Bah, i got it also while playing Hunt Showdown.

Since i know few things about IT i dig a little and managed to find workaround - turn off "Radeon Settings: Host Application" from processes, and Hunt works great, same as Divinity Original Sin 2.

And don't get me wrong - i know it is generally "not best idea" to kill this process, but i got it updated, everything fresh. I've cleaned old cache and bad registry, but still games were crashing, and while process was off - they did not.

But now, while i play DOS2, blank red screen of death often appear, and my PC must be restarted. I googled few things about those, and often overclocking is mentioned, but in my case i don't practice it. So first answer for this problem is - duh - let "Radeon Setting" work in background and do it things, dummy! But this does not solve constantly crashing games problem.

And here i am confused. On one hand killing processes that should be working, just to play games normally, but at the same time - can not play some games due to red screens.

I don't mind going through all corporate procedures, but it would be fantastic if AMD support could guide me what can be reason for crashing games with their software up and running correctly, and what can i do to fix it, because i am out of ideas.

I am a little unfortunate, because i've bought Radeon R9 285 2GB Royal Queen manufactured by Club3D (it was only one available due crypto mining sucking all graphics out of market). Club3D does not even have any website about their graphics, so... yeah.

I have Ryzen 5 1400. Windows 10, latest. BIOS updated accordingly to Asus support, motherboard: ASUS PRIME A320M-K. Power Supply is SilentiumPC Supremo L2 Gold 550W V2.

Just to be clear: I am not frustrated or angry. I just want to do all i can to fix this and counting to get help from support.

Best regards.

- F.

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