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Journeyman III

red screen help me

(sorry for bad english) Hey, my screen is red/orange since i updated my screen driver. I think it's something with the screen protecttor (not sure). I was playing csgo when i noticed my screen started turning red! and i was scared it wouldn't stop, luckly, it did. Now white is orange and blue is something like dark green. When i restart my pc, the screen turns gradually in red. That's why i think it's a problem with screen saver. I have version 20.8.2 of Radeon software, i searched all the internet but couldn't find anything. Also, i upastedImage_1.jpgse HDMI cables so its not the cable.

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Journeyman III

I got the same problem. I updated my driver and now my screen is red. I tried to calibrate the colors but the blue slider doesn't work. Have you been able to solve this problem?


Hey, this prolly wont be the same problem of yours but my problem was that for some reason my blue light filter automatically turned on, i was dumb to only realise this after like, 3 or 4 days.