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Red Devil RX 5700 XT fan noise

Hi, 1,5 month ago my PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700 XT started making weird fan noises. It started some time after my PC rebuild after change of power supply, maybe 2 weeks later. Problem is that it makes weird noises from first fan when it spins at ap. 2200 RPM, video on YT to demonstrate:

You can see on the video that when I put a pressure on back of the case it kind of goes away,

but there is another example where I put clips there and the noise is still noticeable:

There is also another type of noise when 1500 RPM, but different type and not as annoying as 2200 RPM.

I have tried to gently put the GPU harder in PCI-E, tighten the screws on the back but It doesn't help.

I bought my GPU 10.2019, I wonder what is wrong and do I need to RMA it to producer, I am still on my warranty.

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Is the GPU fan clean and not dirty?

Does it turn easily when you flip the blade without any slight resistance?

It is possible your fan is going bad if the noise is loud or raspy sound to it.

I would open a Warranty ticket to see if PowerColor believes you need to replace the fan or not.


When computer is off, I can push any of GPU fans and they are responding exactly the same, absolutely no blocking, smooth as it should be. As I said, all fans work just fine at most of the spectrum of RPM, just the two intervals are problematic, around 2200 RPM as presented on the video with the rattle sound and around 1500 RPM, but this one is little different and acceptable. 


Check one thing (I think the noise is combination of 2 things, 1 GPU is sagging it causes fans to vibrate; 2 at certain RPM it oscilates in sync with your case oscilation making it lauder). Check if it makes this noise when you lift the corner of the GPU a little bit. The corner furthest from the MOBO and back of the case. 

I tried to do as you said, lift corners of GPU a little bit but I think It didn't make any difference. I have tried both corners farthest from MOBO, the one farther from screws could be lifted a little bit, but without positive effect, the corner next to screws and back of the case I think didn't lifted at all, maybe fraction of 1mm, but the same result, the noise is still there.