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Journeyman III

Red Devil 580 Power but not posting

Good day all. 

First time I'm having a crack at the support forums so go gentle on me if I am out of order. 

I purchased a Red Devil RX580 8GB (standard edition) early in 2018 and it has turned cold/dead on me. With the added luck that the local 2 year warranty has now also expired I 'm not eligible to send it back to the local supplier. The card was working 100% and after a standard boot-up the card just went dead however the Red LED light is still coming on with the reboot and the two fans attempt to spin during the restart or the power on (smallest of fan movement on power-up) but the card refuses to post. Using the on-board DVI while the GPU is plugged I do get visual and Windows Device Manager can not detect any additional display adapters other than the on board GPU. I have in the meantime sourced a Temporary Saphire RX580 and it is slotted in the same PC box with original Mobo (MSI BT250 - Arsenal), PSU (EVGA 1000W Gold), RAM(2x8GB and 2x4GB) and SSD (Samsung EVO) and seems to hold the fort for now.This temporary device startups with LED lights, fans spinning for a minute or two, comes to a stop and the card is detected in Windows. No issues with this Saphire. I'm not into undervolting and overclocking  the card as I normally just play online Steam Games. Below is what I've attempted to do:

  • Used different Power pins - the 8pin then the 6pin and both simultaneously, LED still comes one but no posting an no Fans spinning on initial boot (except the little trickle) . Temporary GPU works fine with the power Pins
  • Tried different PCIE slots on the Mobo -  LED light still comes on. Temporary GPU works fine on both slots of MOBO
  • Removed all RAM modules and only used minimum for Windows (4GB Stick) - Still no luck
  • I even tried on of those Risers You get for mining rigs to see if that would help - LED still comes on no posting. Temporary GPU works on Riser though. 
  • Switched the BIOS on the top of the GPU both ways - LED light still comes on - No posting. 
  • Tried the DVI and HDMI display ports  - LED light still comes on - No Posting. 
  • Installed a new Windows and Crimison Live Drivers on a new HDD to see if the GPU would make a comeback - still only the LED lights come on and smallest of fan trickle movement on initial boot. 

I'm no technical IT guru but my standard A+ courses has taught me a trick or so and therefor I believe that card wants to boot up and initiate but its almost if something like a firmware is stopping it from booting. There is no physical damage to the card and I have not opened any of part of the card yet. I've checked the BIOS on bootup for the MOBO but I dont think I need to alter anything as the Saphire Rx580 seems to work with the current settings. 

My question is how do I know if the card has completely gone to ashes so that I can have my expectation of riving the card dismissed. 

Thanks in advance. 

Product ID - PowerColor AXRX580 8GBD5-3DH/OC Radeon RX 580 Red Devil 8GB GDDR5 256-bit

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Journeyman III

Re: Red Devil 580 Power but not posting

Hi lokkies,

Were you able to find the issue for the card?

I have the same card with the same behavior and wanted to check how we can validate that it is dead.

The fact that the logo "Red Devil" lights up is what is confusing me.

The board seems to be getting power transferred to the fan/heatsink but the fans never go during startup.

Thank you,

Journeyman III

Re: Red Devil 580 Power but not posting

You can assume GL interop sample in upcoming releases. Presently GL interop is a preview functionality. In Full GL interop implementation all features need to work as predictedsite.

Journeyman III

Re: Red Devil 580 Power but not posting

I have a friend gave me a rx580 Devil and he tried it on 3 pc's before giving it to me. It would not work on my pc either did see it in the device manger but stop because something was wrong. This pc is a fresh build never had a video card before. So I went to my Asus b250 mining expert board and it installed with no problems, but could not put it into compute mode until I put it into my pci epress 16x slot on mother board. After that no problem and it works fine.

Journeyman III

Re: Red Devil 580 Power but not posting

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