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Adept I

recently bought a new gpu and i wanna know if my system will be fine for it

i recently bought this card:GV-RX570GAMING-4GD (gigabyte)

and its gonna take some time for it to reach to me cause its going overseas.

my system goes as follows:

cpu:i5 4590 3.3ghz with aftermarket cooler (cooler master hyper tx3)

motherboard: asus b85m-e/csm lga1150

ram: gskill ddr3 1600mhz 2x4 gb ram (looking to get one more ram either 4gb/8)

gpu: asus gtx 750 ti 2gb oc

psu: evga 500watts 80+plus

case fans: 2

if theres anything else i need to state here please let me know.

yes im aware that i should have researched so much better before buying it, and i did a general research but i was just way too excited that i didnt thought things threw properly lol.

this is gonna be my first Radeon card in YEARS since i had a bad experience with one in a laptop i hated that im hoping this is gonna be good.

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As long as your Motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot it should work plus you have the minimum required PSU wattage of 500 watts to run your RX 570 as per this website: PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX . AMD says you just need a 450 Watt PSU minimum.

Here is the Specs on your RX 570 from AMD: Radeon™ RX 570 | Advanced HD Gaming Graphics Card | AMD