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Adept II

RDNA-2 and VR with March Drivers

Hi everyone.

I have a XFX branded 6900xt reference card, rest of the system is a 5600x on a Aorus Elite Wifi MB, 32 gigs of Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz ram, Seasonic 850 watt PSU (gold) and a Kingston 1tb NVME SSD (PCIe-3 boot drive). The MB Bios is the latest (beta) from Gigabyte.

When they were released, both March drivers seem to be broken in VR, I use a Valve Index and with both March drivers I would try playing Assetto Corsa racing sim and would get 2 fps (yes, two), and when I exited the game, SteamVR menu screen was also at 2 fps and choppy, had to re-start SteamVR, other things I noticed, when starting VR Chat and appearing in my home world, I would be stuck rotating and was stuck that way. Also in Beat Saber, if a song list was long enough to need to scroll down to see the song you wanted, while scrolled down, if you tried to pick the song, the list would scroll back to the top thus making it impossible to play songs lower on the list. I had had enough and rolled back to the last February driver (21.2.3) which works well with VR.

Seems I'm not the only one having VR problems with the March drivers, others with Oculus HMDs and WMR HMDs are also saying they are experiencing problems in VR.

I hope AMD can get this fixed with the April drivers when they release them. Unfortunately, AMD and nVidia seem to give VR users very little love since trying to find information regarding the AMD 6000 series GPU for VR is like trying to pull teeth. Would be nice if they had a section on their site for VR and how to get the best from your new GPU for VR. From the looks of it, all the settings in the Adrenaline software are all for monitor use and do not apply to VR, so I have them all turned off since my only purpose for my 6900xt is to get good VR performance.

Any other 6000 series VR users have nothing but headaches with both the March drivers?

Regards: Jack

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