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Adept I

Random shutdown Warzone: Crash report sais WARNING: Memory allocation changed and was not yet taken

Hello all,

I've been playing Warzone for a long time. Since the new map launched last week, I am experiencing shutdowns of the game without any error message.

My setup:
-32gb cl16 3600mhz Ram

The crashdump i found sais:
WARNING: Memory allocation changed and was not yet taken in account
Video Memory Info:
Budget: 9953 MB
Budget (unscaled): 15313 MB
Used: 11152 MB
Used (High watermark): 12882 MB
Available: 0 MB
Deficit: 1198 MB
System Video Memory Info:
Budget: 15578 MB
Budget (unscaled): 15578 MB
Used: 1113 MB
Used (High watermark): 1161 MB
Available: 14464 MB
Deficit: 0 MB

It looks like Warzone at some point has a deficit of VRAM available. While in my Warzone settings, it states that I should only use around 7gb VRAM max. 
These are my memoryscale/renderer settings:
VideoMemoryScale = 0.65
RendererWorkerCount = 12

I can change my VideoMemoryScale to 0.75, or 0.80 to reserve more VRAM for Warzone, but I think it's strange this is happening all of a sudden.

I have SAM activated. Could SAM be one of the causes, or is this purely caused by poor optimisation on Warzone's end?
Any help troubleshooting this will be helpful.

While writing this, I am downloading the game again after fully removing it, eliminating corrupted gamefile causes.

Thanks in advance!

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Adept II

Everyone gets random crashes of all kinds. I wouldn't look any further than the game itself at this point.