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Journeyman III

Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

Prior to the Radeon VII, I previously owned an RX 580 and a VEGA 56, both worked fine on VR via Windows Mixed Reality. I usually play Beat Saber & VRChat most of the time and they both performed great if not perfect, but it all change when i upgrade to the Radeon VII. The Radeon VII ran pretty fine on Desktop games and its a step up form the previous 2 cards i owned aside from the frequent temperature alerts from NZXT CAM regarding the junction temps hitting 90+ Celsius every time i play most games. Perhaps its due to drivers not optimized or mature enough, anyways i'll get to the point.

As soon as i swapped my old VEGA 56 card from my computer in replacement of the Radeon VII thus downloaded the latest Radeon driver (version 19.4.1), i decided like always i'd hop on Windows Mixed Reality expecting great results. Soon after I've ran into some problems. The first game i tried was Beat Saber, staying on the menu and moving around was fine until i started playing songs there's no specific songs that causes this issue but its all the same. 10-30 seconds into the song my game would freeze/hang but the music continues to play in the background, soon follow up with a black screen on both my VR headset and monitor. After that SteamVR closes itself and Windows redirects me to Windows Mixed Reality Portal with an error 14-1 (for reference I've attached some screenshots of my Desktop). In some rare cases after the black screen happened my monitor would go to sleep mode follow up with a couple beeps when i spam my mouse clicks and sometimes the PC restarts itself completely while the monitor screen is still black.

I've tried Blade & Sorcery and it too has the same issue, but the causes are different. Somehow the game ran fine for a couple minutes, but when the arena in the game became crowded with enemy fighters the game froze/hanged. Not all games has the same issue, VRChat works fine only in some instances where fps dips but should be just optimization problem. Perhaps its just SteamVR is not well optimized for Radeon VII i don't really know, I've also re-check Windows 

Mixed Reality compatibility via an app called "Windows Mixed Reality PC Check" and found out that it listed the Radeon VII graphics card won't work with Windows Mixed Reality. I'm guessing maybe Microsoft didn't implement/update the Radeon VII for their Windows Mixed Reality compatibility listings? Or this will just have to wait as drivers are still new at the moment?

I kindly appreciate any help

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Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

I have EXACTLY the same problem with beat saber on my radeon vii (whilst my old vega56 runs this game without any issue). 

However, I do not use the WMR platform, but pitool.

Hence I do not believe that this issue has anything to do with WMR, but that it is due to bad drivers/software supporting the radeon vii.

I have contacted amd and they say that no one else complained about VR issues in relation to radeon vii. Good to know that others are out there with the same problem and lets hope amd will take this seriously and try to fix it.

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)


I have the same issue that you reported.

When i use previous VGA (GTX980Ti), all thing is fine.

My system is

   VR: Samsung Odyssey+

   CPU: Ryzon 1800x

   OS: Win10 

   Monitor: Samsung u32r590 (Freesync 60hz)

And this issue is still same after amd driver update (2019.05 version)

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

The weird this is that I don’t have these issues with my Vega 56! It must be related to the drivers not being optimised for pimax...

Anyways I sold my pimax as I was also not happy with the edge distortion. Frankly I think it is a piece of junk and it is horrendous that they charge 700 pounds for it!

I will get the valve index headset instead with integrated sound. Hopefully that headset will have less edge distortion. Honestly I don’t see the use of wide fov when you can’t move your eyes to look around. This whole thing is a gimmick until they start combining wide fov with eye tracking technology. When that becomes mainstream in a couple of years that will be something to behold!

Jelle Boonekamp | Marie-Curie fellow | University of Exeter | publications:

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

Exactly the same issue here... I had my Radeon VII paired with an ancient i7-3770k. I had an RX580 which had been flawless with both Oculus and Steam VR Apps.

I put the Radeon VII in and I started getting random application faults, with the main culprit being Beat Saber from the Oculus store. I’ve seen some other Unity based games crash, but I don’t have specifics.

I just upgraded to an X570 motherboard with a Ryzen 7 3700X. Love the CPU but still got random application faults. It drove me nuts, so tonight I did a clean install of Windows 10 1903, installed Adrenalin 19.7.2 and the Oculus app. After installing Beat Saber I started it up, got to the menu and changed a few gameplay settings and... black screen, both HMD and my monitor, just as it did on my old hardware and Windows install.

I’ve now ruled out my old i7 and Z77 motherboard, the only remaining component from my old system is my Radeon VII.

I understand AMD’s moved on to Navi but I and other Radeon VII owners would appreciate someone investigating. I would happily volunteer time to gather and provide logs to AMD if that would help.

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

Also having the same issues with the black screen, and HTC Vive. Funny thing Radeon VII is stable on the hackintosh, but doing all kinds of glitches on windows)

Is there any official response? Should we wait for fix, or drop these cards?


Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

I've previously had no issues (played it back in March or April during my AMD streams on Twitch). After reading this post I decided to try it out and had similar results as the OP. I've recorded it here showing my settings in the beginning of the vid. The resulting crash obviously did not take my PC down and ReLive exited normally or the video would have been corrupted. This happens every time now after a minute of play in Beat Saber, Pavlov, Final Assault, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice.

The junction temps do not exceed 75C and the system functions normal after the crash recovery.

System Specs: Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, 2 x Radeon VII, 64GB RAM at 3200MHz (Oscar-Mike V3 (Threadripper Edition) )

OS and drivers: Windows 1903, Radeon Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.1 

VR: HTC Vive Pro via Steam current VR beta.

ReLive recording with crash near the end: 2019 08 23 08 44 Beat Saber test - HTC Vive Pro, see notes in description - YouTube 

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

I have the exact same problem but with Oculus Rift, my GPU 3D usage will be at 100% sometimes and others it will be at 30%. Regardless it still struggles to stay at 90 FPS and drops to 45 80% of the time, very unpredictable and sometimes it will spike to 100%, turn off for fifteen seconds or such and turn back on and the game has crashed. Not overheating, getting plenty of power, reinstalled windows, reinstalled drivers, updated them, reinstalled oculus and steam VR. I thought this graphics card was VR ready? 


Radeon VII 

Ryzen 7 2700 X


MSI X370 CARBON Motherboard 

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

I'm adding my 2c to this chat.

After running a Rift CV1 on my GTX970, I "upgraded" to a Radeon VII (partly for Hackintosh compatibility, partly for Davinci Resolve grading on 16GB VRAM) and have had constant GPU TDR crashes for the entire time.  I got mine on release day and have installed every driver that's been issued.  I've done DDU clean installs, I've done Windows resets, I've done completely clean Windows installs, and I still get crashes.  9/10 it's a TDR that the computer will recover from, and 1/10 it'll do a hard crash and reboot.

Strangely, after doing OS reinstalls (and I've done 3 so far) it won't crash for a while, and I'll get my hopes up that it's fixed but, eventually, it'll start crashing again.

Additionally, it doesn't happen in all games.  Generally, it's only in what I imagine to be more demanding games, like Half-Life Alyx, GTA V (modded, obv), Fallout 4 VR.  That said, it'll occasionally happen when I'm not even using VR and am just looking at the desktop.

I've been through a couple of tortuous AMD support cycles where they say "do a DDU and install the new driver".  When this doesn't work, they say "a new driver was released today. Please do a DDU and install the new driver."  And then they'll say "Can you install the GPU on another motherboard?" and "Can you run the VR system on another GPU?" like I've got plenty of spare high-end computer equipment just laying around.

It ended with them saying "We've passed the issue back to the driver team" without as much as taking a single log file from me.  

I've just started a support ticket with Oculus, and their first contact isn't helpful.  They say that you should run the HMD with only one monitor (I have 2) and with no USB devices other than keyboard & mouse.  So I have to unplug my Wacom, my external drives, my webcam, my HOTAS, my card reader EVERY time I want to play a VR game?!

It's bullsh*t and it's the last AMD GPU I'll ever buy.

Oh, for anyone wondering about my hw:

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH mobo

Intel i6700K OC @4.5GHz (watercooled)

32GB 2666 Crucial Ballistix RAM

AMD Radeon VII

Journeyman III

Re: Radeon VII problems with VR(WMR)

I had the same problem with my amd r9 295x2 as well.  The problem started when I updated to the latest amd drivers in march 2020.  After getting to the point of having to fresh install windows 10 I ended up installing the amd drivers as far back as july 2019 and that fixed the problem.  I think it"s something to do with the new interface that amd has moded cause I updated to the march 2020 again and the errors started again.  So I reinstalled july 2019 drivers and it works.  I hope that helps you guys out.  It has nothing to do with the steam vr program cause I have been playing Half Life Alyx for the past week and no issues.  Im still not brave enough to update drivers yet hopefully amd fixes this issue.  Cheers