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Adept III

Re: Radeon VII crashing while playing The Division

I think I will take your advice and play a bit with manual undervolting and fan profiles. I had another Auto Undervolt crash - dang! I was playing today with both default settings and then I resumed playing with Auto Undervolt while recording both sessions using GPU-Z. I was not playing with any overlay.

The difference in max voltages recorded (default vs. auto uv) were 1.118 volts vs. 1.056 volts. The difference in max Edge Temps were 81 degrees vs. 82 degrees and Junction Temps were 111 degrees vs. 109 degrees (not much change in either of these temps). The max GPU clock speeds reached were 1907 mHz vs. 1923 mHz (remembering that I am using FRTC set to 60 fps on a 2560 x 1600 monitor). The max power (such that it is measured by GPU-Z) was 299 Watts vs. 274 Watts, albeit they were not the same part of the game.

When the game crashed the Edge Temp was only 74 degrees and Junction Temp was only 86 Degrees - so it is not a temp issue, but rather I think the Undervolt is slightly too aggressive for this particular game.   

Adept III

Re: Radeon VII crashing while playing The Division

higgih01 wrote:

but rather I think the Undervolt is slightly too aggressive for this particular game.

You are correct, it definitely depends on the game. 

I had a Vega 64 for about a year and a half. Undervolted from stock 1200mV to 995mV. I got more performance because it didn't throttle like stock. Temps when down from 85c to 71c under long 3-6 hour sessions. 1440p, max settings, FRTC 87 freesync (fps runs under that, so full GPU usage)

Stable for 8 months without crashing, until I played Rise of the Tomb Raider. The game kept crashing until I raised the the voltage from 1000mV to 1030mV. The only game that needed that voltage raise, even though I capped the fps (85% gpu usage)

Here are my Radeon Vii settings,

I'm trying a new undervolt, from 982mV to 977mV. 

Fan profile:

- 1st dot, default

- 2nd dot, 75c - 45%

- 3rd dot, 81c - 51%

- 4th dot, 85c - 58%

- 5th dot, 93c - 62%


Two hours with no crashes in Division 2 yesterday. Devil May Cry 5 @ 4k and Far Cry 5. I'll raise it if it crashes.

Adept III

Re: Radeon VII crashing while playing The Division

Wow - there is something seriously not quite right with the Auto Undervolt GPU feature in Radeon Wattman at the moment. My manual undervolting was a much better solution. I hope this feature gets better with new driver revisions (I am on 19.3.3), but at the moment I would agree with some of you and avoid using it for now.

As for my manual undervolting thus far, I have reduced in steps down to to 1006mV (my stock is 1118mv), but have not yet gone any lower as yet. I played for about 1.5hrs with NO crashes. At 1006mV the average Edge Temp is around 75 degrees and the Junction Temp around 90 degrees. Power fluctuated, but the max power was 242 W (down from 300W), and the ave. was much lower. The thing that was most amazing and enjoyable to me was that most of the time the fan speed was a pretty constant 895 rpm - virtually silent. I did not change the fan profile. Remember that I am limiting my fps to 60 with FRTC and gaming at 2560x1600 (I have a 16:10 panel). Talk about great rewards for only a little effort and lots of fun experimenting - gottta love this card! Thank you AMD for bringing fun, creativity and experimentation to my PC gaming experience! Next step is to push below 1000mV and see what I get, albeit I am mindful that my particular GPU, at a stock voltage of 1118mV, is on the upper edge of average.     

Adept II

Re: Radeon VII crashing while playing The Division

Playing the Division 2 was having random hangs my room can get warmish. - started running fans pretty high for temps and helped much. A month ago I just grabbed a GPU EK water block solved it seems the glitches - the Division 2 is very demanding at high / ultra settings. I get very nice auto overclocks np now.

PS I just love my Radeon 7