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Radeon VII 20.7.2 DirectX 11 Problem

I checked the forum and didn't see this issue listed. I have the Radeon VII with an AMD Ryzen 3950X in an Asrock X570 Creator motherboard, 64GB RAM. Windows 10 build 2004. Up to and including Radeon software 20.5.1 I have DX 11 games that play properly. The game I noticed trouble with is Pinball Arcade using DX 11 interface. Using rev 20.7.2 the game stutters badly is unplayable. I don't know about rev 20.7.1 as I wasn't on it long enough. I do know that simply uninstalling 20.7.2, restarting, and then installing 20.5.1 resolves the issue.

I tried various settings of Radeon Chill, Radeon Enhanced Sync, and Vertical refresh. None of these resolved the issue. Going back to 20.5.1 immediately resolved the problem and the game is back to stable and playable. I have Radeon Chill enabled at 58/65 for min/max, Enhanced Sync Off, and Wait for Vertical Refresh off unless application specifies.

Is reporting this on this forum sufficient for AMD engineers to catch this error report? If not, what place is good for reporting this as this is 100% reproducible.

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I have the same issue, since the 20.7.x drivers, and going back to older versions doesn't seem to fix the issue either. what i found is my vram clock speed no longer runs at 1750 it stays between 1000-1250 only boosting sometimes to 1750, so my frame time graph in games looks like a heart monitor reading i no longer get stable frame rates. i think there is a bug between windows 10 2004 and hardware vram scheduling tech, and the drivers that don't yet support this feature. I tried the 20.5.1 HWS beta drivers and they are garbage, all games run at 20 fps. 

Sorry forgot to say, i am on a 

2600 b350

16gb 3000 mhz

5700 xt


Actually, you bring up a good point that reminded me of two things. First, I am also on Win 10 with the 2004 update. It may well be that there is some type of disconnect between Windows and the GPU. the other is the GPU voltage. I noticed that starting around driver rev 20.5.1 the default voltage was too low. Windows would hard crash for no reason and, on reboot, I get a message about the GPU. I always set the default voltage higher than what the install puts it at and I no longer get those hard crashes. I overclock a little in some of the games but those voltages still appear to be working. It was just the default video settings that caused a problem. That leads me to believe there may be something about the way Win 10 2004 is interfacing with the new drivers.