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Adept I

Radeon Software 22.6.1 AMD R9 Fury-x

Thank you for providing the updated drivers for my R9 Fury-x. The Fury works with h338651_C8800100_FuryX_107_signed.rom without problems and restrictions in the UEFI Bios Windows 11 computer.
New drivers for old hardware do not immediately increase sales, but they increase the sustainability of the product and at least I will take that into account when choosing the product for my next purchases.
So 1+ for sustainability AMD.

One more thing, please turn off the default AMD Crossfire after installing the driver. With several Fury-x, this leads to unnecessary problems with installations under Win11. (I know it's not officially a Win 11 driver but it works perfectly.) With Win10, the switch can then be flipped manually. Many Thanks

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