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Journeyman III

Radeon RX580 Fluctuation parametars after install new drivers (Adrenalin edition)

Radeon RX580 Fluctuation parametars after install new drivers (Adrenalin edition)

A few days ago Win10 discontinued the original driver and installed some of its "best solution".
Very cheeky of Microsoft - change it without asking. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to
change it.
Then I installed a new driver for the graphics card. But, it was an "upgraded" version
(I can't choose the old one) - Adrenalin edition.

Problem: With the new driver, the parameters periodically fluctuate, oscillate. The clock
changes from 300 to 2000 MHz, which monitors both the processor temperature and consumption
(peaks are big!).
It is a spontaneous process, NOT dependent on activity. Previously, the system did
not behave like that - everything was normal.
How to fix this?

To AMD: I think you did a bad job. I am not satisfied. The new version of the graphics card software
is bad.
I don't know why you changed it - bad?

For the people who go out of their way to help me,
they give the answer: THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I really appreciate your effort.

I tried to screw up a screenshot of the monitor showing the parameters but it didn't work (?!).

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Journeyman III

RAdeon.jpgThis is what the parameters look like over time.


Hello there, I have the same problem with my RX580 Nitro+, as I know, it's a driver's bug (22.11.2. version), try to install the previous version of driver, or wait for the next version.