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Journeyman III

Radeon RX580 energy saving mode issue

So I bought an RX580 to replace an older card about 2 months ago.  Now.. I have NEVER used Windows energy saving mode before.  I always have it turned off... but for some reason after I installed this card, after about 10 minutes of non-use it will turn off both of my displays, after 15 minutes it puts my computer into sleep mode.  I have absolutely no idea how to turn off that function.  Windows still says I don't have either of those functions turned on... but yet the card STILL turns off my displays.  I've taken the card out and used the onboard display.. and also went back to my old display, neither of which has this issue.  It's only when I'm using this RX580.  Does anyone know of a way to turn this function off?

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