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Journeyman III

Radeon RX560 random crashes

I don't get this, I bought this graphics cards a month ago, we tried so many things already.

The drivers were installed through the AMD support site, which gave us two options: 18.2.1 and 18.3.4. Later I installed it via CD and it was 17.10

When the card was installed for the first time with the 18.2.1 driver, it always had crashes with a white screen. As this happened we thought it would be the wrong driver and 18.3.4 was installed, where the screen crashes were black or white, and once with many colors on it. Later with the CD we installed the 17.10 and it crashed to a gray screen, probably because I was on discord. This crashes are always random, I can be browsing, listening to music, seeing youtube videos, watching a movie, etc.

The PSU was tested with a multimeter and all measurements were correct. So energy doesnt seem to be the problem.

The graphic card never crashes during the stress tests.

We already sent it back to the shop because we though it might be broken but they say everything is working just fine. We also did tried in another computer and it crashed 6 time in one hour. I don't know what is it we are doing wrong.

My system:

OS: Widows 10 Pro 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 ; 3.40GHz

RAM: 8gb DDR3 1033Mhz

Motherboard: Foxconn 2ADA

PSU: xfx xt series 600w

Screen entry: cable HDMI

Stress Tests: Furmak3d; PassMark

Instalated drivers: 17.10; 18.2.1;  18.3.4;

specs of other pc we tried on:

Os: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

CPU: Intel core i5 6600k

RAM: 16gb DDR4 2413 Mhz

Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming

PSU: xfz ts series 550w

Previous graphic card: Saphire rx 480 nitro oc+

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