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Adept I

Radeon RX 5700 XT Randomly Crashing


I've read at least 20 other posts with a title similar to this one and none of them had helped.

The driver keeps randomly crashing. Sometimes a week can go by without a single crash and sometimes not even 5 minutes. This has been happening with (at least) the last 4 driver versions that came out. I've had a crash in every game I play, which are mostly VALORANT, Rocket League, Sea of Theives, and Destiny 2.

I've reinstalled the driver at least 6 times.


System Information:

OS: Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Version: 10.0.18363 Build 18363

Motherboard: B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

RAM: 16GB (8GBx2) @ 3200MHz

PSU Wattage: 550W


Thanks in advance!

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Adept I

I would look at replacing the power supply with at least a 600W one, as I was looking over the AMD specs for that card and that is listed as the min recommended wattage, so good chance the GPU may be underpowered slightly.


@BlkDrgn28  What can I do to make sure that this really is the issue?


See if a buddy has a 600+Watt power supply that you can borrow, or trust the manufacturers recommended specs

All 3 recommend 600W or greater PSU's..  But I would first see if you can borrow one to see if your computer stays stable before putting out $$$ for a new PSU.

@BlkDrgn28I really doubt it's the PSU. I've activated the performance overlay and the GPU PWR has never exceeded 150W while playing Destiny 2. Could it still be the PSU?


Make sure you have the latest bios for your mainboard.  That may solve your problem. I have a B450 mainboard and needed to update the Bios a few times since I got it. Whenever there was a problem that was un unexplainable I would look for a bios update and that would fix it.


Yes it could still  be the Power supply, what is the make and model of it? May not be supplying clean enough power for the card to run properly.. there is more to power then just straight wattage, if  either of the 12v  or 3.3volt supplies aren't good enough it could still cause issues.. 


This is not a PSU problem, you can be sure. I've been trying to solve a constant crash problem on my RX 5700 XT for months.

Playing games I have no problem, however, on windows I have constant crashes. My mouse cursor changes format and that is a sign that in a second or two my PC will lose the image and will only come back after restarting.



It most certainly still can be a power supply problem, just because your issues may not be attributed to PSU doesn't mean the OP's isn't, both issues could also be cooling issues, have either of you tried reapplying thermal paste on the GPU itself? I am relying on my 15+ years as a hardware technician, so do have a bit of knowledge in troubleshooting issues, which is why I recommended he try a different PSU as that is normally an easy thing to do. I did find one hardware review of his particular power supply and it didn't fair very well in that testing environment.


Just found this advice from another post here.... Worth a look 


Re: Need help with AMD Drivers and Sapphire 5500 xt Nitro+

hey, I encountered a similar problem after screwing with some bios settings after building my system in March 2021:
First off:
Ryzen 5800
Corsair 64gb (16x4)
MSI MAG b550 Tomahawk
WD Black 2tb SN850
Corsair RM850x
Sapphire Nitro+ 5700xt

The bios setting that was messing everything up for me was Game Boost.  Disable it.  I disabled that and the random crashes and reboot loops immediately stopped. 
I also disabled resize bar setting.  It seems that not having a 6000 series card was causing things to crash for me. 
Ohh and pick a pcie mode to lock in. The 5000 series cards are PCIE 4.0 so you can lock it in either pcie 3 or pcie 4 mode. Auto mode causes me problems.

Ohh and it is probably not your PSU. I switched to a 1000w PSU to troubleshoot and was still encountering the boot loop. 

Hope this gives you a place to start





@BlkDrgn28  Thanks for finding this other post.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any "Game Boost" or "Resizable BAR" settings in my BIOS.

I did find the option to lock the PCIe mode/version/gen, which I locked at the latest option (Gen3).

Could you please guide me to where I can find the other options?

Thanks again!

Edit: I did find the "Re-Size BAR Support", though it was already disabled.


Here is what I found for disabling Game Boost

And good to hear that you found the resizable BAR setting.. from what I had found it is a Motherboard setting more then Video card.


@BlkDrgn28  I thought this was some BIOS setting. Anyway, Radeon Boost was never enabled for me.

In the meantime, I did as @dreamquest  has suggested and updated the BIOS. So far no crashes, but it could just be luck.


@eyalch sounds good, keep us updated on the outcome.. 


Unistal. driver and  adrenalin softver. Download last driver . Unpack on pc. Remeber where is unpuck.when instal start just cansel instalation. Go to device manager -display adapter-rx 5500xt- use update driver on disk ,find where is unpack driver on pc and instlal. Adrenalin softve is do not instal. Restart pc .Problem is resolved.