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Journeyman III

Radeon rx 570 inconsistent crashes?

So i'm fairly new to pc gaming and I bought the radeon rx 570 8 gb to start out with. As I've had it it's shown to occasionally freeze for a moment, and then my screen will turn black and my keyboard is unresponsive. It doesn't shut down the entire computer as my fans and led's still run. It's so inconsistent that I can play GTA V for three hours straight at max settings with no crashes but it will almost always crash while watching a YouTube video. It certainly isn't overheating since I monitor the temps at all times. I've even tried multiple power supply units with the same results. Does anyone have any advice for this? Maybe there is some settings i can change in wattman?

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Adept I

I recently purchased RX 570. I am having a major issue which is screen flickers then apps crash. It happens always with Radeon software, games (I tried Dota 2 and COH2), Photoshop 2014, some times with Viber for desktop, and firefox web browser.

I almost tried all the strategies like updating all drivers, changes and windows settings and etc. Nothing worked.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: No screen flickering or crash after disabling the graphics card in the device manager.


Just for an update; my issue has resolved after i re-flash the vbios.

Hope it may helpful to someone.

Thank you.

plese can you tell us how you did that ? 

Sorry for the delay brother. I replied to VATA below. I hope it will help u too.


can you pls Help us ? what exactly bios you use it ? have almost 4 months with this stupid problem ! tyvm sir !


Sure. I have the copy. i am not sure whether it is suitable for u. I searched in VGA bios collection in TechPowerUp . I used the same software they mentioned in that site. The hardest thing is selecting the correct ROM for your card. When i was flashing my card, i installed it in the secondary slot and in the primary slot i ran my machine with an another old vga card. I attached here which rom worked for me. My card vendor is by AMD, it is Radeon RX 570 4GB.