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Adept I

Radeon RX 5600 XT Stuttering Problem. :(

Hello, I hope you can help me. I have problems with my Saphhire RX 5600 XT card. I have microstuttering in almost all games (if not all) since I bought it. It is my first gamer pc. It is constant, I play at 1080p 60fps but the fps drops a little like 56 but I see a lag. gpu usage drops from 99% to 89% and quickly returns to 99%. I only have the problem of microsttutering, so far I have not had black screens Characteristics of my pc:

Ryzen 7 2700x stock clocks

Aorus b450 pro wifi bios updated

Saphhire 5600xt bios updated

Ram HyperX 16gb 2666 dual channel 2x8

PSU: Gigabyte b700h 80 bronze

1tb western digital blue ssd

Gigabyte 144hz freesync monitor- sony tv 60hz 1080

This problem ruins the gaming experience. I have tried previous drivers. Windows configurations, lots of fress install of windows, I have a single ssd for the OS and the games, I don't know if this is causing my problem right now I don't have another disk or other hardware to do tests, any help is appreciated because I have tried many things and nothing solves the problem, recently I am also experiencing some mouse lag, which did not happen before.

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Journeyman III


Hi, thanks for the reply. I saw the video and i dont use that featture i think. But my problem is almost like yours. I play on my tv 60hz or on my monitor with freesync and have problems on both i tried lot of drivers versions but no solutions since @May 2020. Fps dips from 60 to like 56 or something but it looks like in the video you posted, When i enter in a new area in game or enemies appeared(The Witcher 3, New Resident evil, batman arkham city). I dont use afterburner or any background apps, i only like to play dead by daylight and runs like crap constantly fps dips. I have friends with a gtx 1050ti and they plays the game much better than me. i will buy a new nvme ssd to try if this goes better and if not i will buy a newer nvidia gpu its a shame i realy like my gpu but the poor perfomance its driving me crazy.