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Journeyman III

RADEON RX 5600 XT not detecting second monitor, or a single DP

One monitor using the HDMI port works perfectly fine

A second monitor using a Displayport to hdmi works perfectly fine, and seems to take priority, while booting. As soon as windows starts up however, the DP monitor goes black and can no longer be detected.

Both monitors using displayport causes both to black out and lose input as soon as windows starts.

Unplugging the second monitor completely and attempting a single displayport monitor also drops input when windows starts.


I've tried every combination of turning it off and on again (including the drivers). I've tried swapping the cables around (both monitors work fine with hdmi). I just want a second monitor. 



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Adept I

very impressive that this is a common issue, this is the forth post I reply to. I should have heard everyone who told me to go for nvidia... **bleep** money. I have a cintiq that I used up to yesterday, today it was off the plug when I turned on the computer, bang, Its output does not turn on. NO SIGNAL. The tablet itself is working, but not the display. Had that issue a month ago and a driver updated frm radeon solved it. I ma puzzled that from sudden the problem started today again