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Adept I

Radeon RX 480 crashing repeatedly

Describe your system:

  • Graphics Card
    • MSI RADEON RX 480 8G
  • OS
    • Windows 10 64bit
  • Drivers
    • 19.3.1 (but happened at earlier versions too)
  • Monitor
    • Don't know the exact model, it's a Samsung1080p @60HZ HDMI
  • Motherboard
    • Gigabyte H61MA-D2V
  • CPU
    • Intel Core i5 3330 3.00 GHZ
  • Power Supply
    • EVGA W1 500W 80 Plus
  • RAM
    • Kingston ValueRam DDR3 1333 PC3-10600 4GB CL9 (x3 making a total of 12)



I had this card up and running for almost 2 years IIRC. It gave me no problems at all, running Witcher 3 and other kind of pretty demanding games with ease. The problem begun when I tried Divinity 2: Original Sin. In some scenarios when the screen is filled with fire and fog effects, after some flicking and slowing of the image, the screen goes black and I have to force a shutdown on the PC so I can restart. The audio keeps playing tho. I can bypass that problem by setting the graphics to the lowest (although the auto detection suggests everything to max) and alt+tabing when I expect a big load of graphical FX to be displayed. 


The most recent issue is with DQXI. When I get to a cutscene that seems to be demanding some kind of graphical load, with foggy FX and some stones falling and whatsoever, the crash happens again. And now, it crashes even if I alt+tab at the cutscene. I have the graphics on the minimum settings, although the recommended ones suggest something inbetween medium and high, but the crash keeps happening.


I have tried some tweaks I found over this forum from users having some kind of similar problems, with no effect. (Underclocking to 1800, setting Wattman settings to manual and undervolting here and there, etc). My Windows has been fully reinstalled quite a few times since I noticed this problem (the Divinity thing started happening like a year ago or so). In Afterburner I can't seem to notice any anomaly right before the crash. It just seems that at some points of intense graphic FX, the card can't hold the charge. I don't know what can I do to try and fix this. Other games, like for example Shadows of Mordor or DS3 don't get the crash, although they seem pretty much more demanding games, so I'd like some advice. 


Thanks in advance for your time! 

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