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Adept II

Radeon pro WX 5100 vs Vega 11

I build a small daily-use PC with a ryzen 2400GE (including a Vega 11 graphics card).

As I am working quite a lot with machine-leaning algorithms lately, I might consider more processing power.

The problem is: the PC is a no-fan PC (but not embedded in a case, just a collection of hardware) with a 160W picoPSU power supply. So I guess this limits the available options somewhat:

- no pcie connector

- preferable a real increase in FLOPS, not just an addition to the vega 11 (specs)

So I searched around a bit ... and apparently, the most power-efficient card from AMD today is the Radeon Pro WX 5100. This card looks nice due to its 75W power envelope and 256 bit bus.

Is it worth adding this card to the system? I mean, €300 for a GCN4 GPU ... I consider it a serious price when RDNA and GCN5 are already being sold, but it has twice the amount of FLOPS compared to the onboard vega11, so that's a 200% increase, and this would leave me at 5.8TFLOPs when using both, which approaches the performance of a RX 580.

Will it fit in the 160W picoPSU?

Thank you for your advice

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