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Journeyman III

radeon hd 6970

я не могу сделать частоту обновления дисплея больше 60 Гц. почему так происходит? Что за проблема, у Nvidia с этим проще(


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Re: radeon hd 6970

Hi Dimka, 

Do you speak any English? Or only Russian?

You're trying to run the display higher than 60Hz? 

What output are you using? HDMI, DVI etc.?

Also what resolution are you actually trying to select? 1080p or something else?

Какое разрешение вы пытаетесь или хотите запустить? ** Гугл-перевод **

** Done with Google translate so unsure if that makes sense?


Re: radeon hd 6970

Most likely your GPU card doesn't support frequencies above 60 Hz. It might support 100Hz if possible.

I have been unable to find any information concerning the Maximum Resolution which is 2560x1600 and Maximum Frequency (?) output for your GPU card.


Re: radeon hd 6970

I know my old Sapphire HD 6950 couldn't do anything over 1080p @ 60Hz on HDMI.

DVI & DP can run higher desktop resolutions, but most likely only 60Hz.. But they really, REALLY aren't 2K or 4K capable GPU's in any sense. They cannot process 4K video playback. and any game, if it actually runs due to only 1 - 2GB Video memory, looks more like photo slide show set to 5 second intervals. 

It's why I picked up a RX 570 at a good $$ as a stop gap until all this Big Navi, Big $$$s, HDMI 2.1 120Hz stuff settles, so I can finally upgrade the GPU to finally see 4K @ 120Hz on my LG OLED.

Not sure what price they're at now. But the RX 570 or 580 does 4K video no worries and if you OC the **bleep** out it can even do MS Flight Sim @ 2K with mix of high - ultra settings and be playable.They really are only a 1080p card..They really are only a 1080p card..