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Journeyman III

Radeon Graphics not being detected windows 10


I bough this laptop around a year and a half ago and always noticed the 'Radeon Graphics' sticker on the housing but was never able to locate the name of the actual GPU in system infomation or anything (hence the generic title). I installed the auto detect tool for Radeon GPUs but it said I didn't have a Radeon GPU at all, this really confuses me as surely HP (the make of the laptop) would not be able to false advertise like that. My question is: Is there any way i can get the alleged GPU that is inside to work or should I take it to where I bought it from (my warrenty likely has expired though) to see if they can fix it. Hell, do I even have a GPU? 

System infomation;

- Model: HP Laptop 14-bp1xx

- CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U

- Graphics it says i have: Intel Graphics UHD 620

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