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Journeyman III

radeon drivers on older games

We have a radeon 460 and play ghost recon from 2001 and the island thunder and desert seige add ons every week via lan and love it. We were using driver version 19.5.2 from may 2019 and all is great on windows 10.

We switched to version latest 19.7.2 and its all broken. It wont even start up and just gives a dll library box error 10 times. Anyone from AMD tell me what is going on here and if it will be fixed?

I have now bought him a radeon 570 and i refuse to put it into the tower, if it means we cant play older games. I have a geforce 970 gtx and ghost recon works with every driver so it must be the readeons fault here.

Anyone help me please because im getting so fed up now. The driver release has bacically destroyed the older ghost recons.

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