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Journeyman III

radeon black screen fan

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my new graphic card (radeon vega 56 8go) sometimes when i play games suddently my screen go black and the fan of the graphic card go max.

I already found some issues like that on this forum but I don't really understand if it's a problem of the alimentation or the readon CG. 

Speed fan monitoring is going fine 50-60° in game and I have a be quiet  Pure Power 10 CM 600W. (I know it's 650W recommended for this type of card)

I have an odd red light on the graphic card, I've tried to switch the cable of the alimentation but it's still at the same place. (GPUtech)

Just asking if just with those diagnotics you can tell me if the issue come from the CG or the alimentation ?

I can give more infos if needed.

Thanks <3


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