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Journeyman III

radeon 7950 black screen when installing amd driver on windows10

hi i'm encountering an issue when i'm trying to install my amd card (7950) on a fresh installation of windows 10 64bit

i've try with two current version of windows available 1903 and 1810 windows installation occurs with no issue,

my amd card isn't detected even after windows update up to date(which is strange before on previous iteration of windows 10 update installed the driver) so i go on the amd website and download the appropriate driver (try with the auto detection software too)

the driver install until my screen goes black as usual when  you update graphic driver, but then when display comes back windows10 seems buggy the windows10 windows manager doesn't work, the desktop is empty and only the toolbar seems to work ,so i wait that the installation end (i can see it in the toolbar thumbnail) wait for a little bit and reboot the computer

after the windows logo i've got a black screen with the white cursor only and this is before the login matter how long i wait nothing appears

so i reboot in safe mode disable/uninstall the amd driver and got back microsoft basic display reboot the computer and got windows working again with the basic display mode

i've try several amd driver from the latest one up to the 18.1 but got every time the same black screen.

tried several tips seen on this forum such as disable fast boot and network while doing the install but same issue

some may say my graphic card is dead but on another disk i"ve got a linux and the graphic card work without issue at all (with the default/free/libre driver)

thanks for your time, help appreciated

have a good day

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Adept I

Re: radeon 7950 black screen when installing amd driver on windows10

For some reason Windows 10 doesn't install AMD Crimson automatically anymore for my XFX 7950 DD and sticks to Microsoft Basic Display Adapter until i install AMD Crimson through the AMD driver support website.

I'm able to install Windows 10 drivers fine and the card works fine though. '19.5.2'. Maybe your 7950 has an incorrect Vbios?