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Journeyman III

Radeon 6900 XT displaying wrong resolution for each of my monitors

Hi guys,

Have been trying to sort this problem out for a while - thanks a lot for reading and hope someone can help 🙂  First I'll list my specs:


Memory - G Skill ddr 4 4000 128gb (32gb x 4)

video card - AMD Radeon 6900 XT

ssd - samsung 980 pro 2tb

hdd - iron wolf pro 4tb

psu - 850w evga


So this is a brand new build and I am used to nvidia usually, but decided to give AMD Radeon a try for this build as 3090 / 3080 are so hard to find.   and my old tower / card had a 1080 TI, with no issue detecting all monitors @ 4K resolution (3840x2160).  At first, I had trouble detecting the RAM with this mobo @ 4000 mhz, but was able to adjust the mhz to 3600, seems to be working fine now.  When I booted windows, all monitors show at 2560x1440, even my ASUS ROG p279Q which is 144hz and a newer monitor.  The other monitors are BENQ monitors that are also 4k, showing at 2560x1440.  I tried to boot up with only the ROG monitor connected, but it still displays only 2560x1440.  I tried reinstalling AMD drivers, updating windows, reflashing bios to latest version on mobo, all with no help.  Really don't know where to turn here.  I could try to install windows again, but feel that probably won't help - I feel this is a card issue and am close to just replacing this card with a 3090 I could find anywhere (likely for double price.)  But I know that the 3090 will work out of the box for these monitors, and it will be very costly to find new monitors for my setup since I already have four that are 4K.  


Thanks again guys for reading, and looking forward to any suggestions!  Best, Johnny

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Re: Radeon 6900 XT displaying wrong resolution for each of my monitors

You should start by giving the make and model of each monitor and what kind of cable they are connected with.