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Journeyman III

Radeon 5700xt red devil is rebooting my system

Hey guys, recently i brought a 5700XT Red devil , and some times when gamming, the system just reboot for no reason, and all the times the system reboot in loading screens , not in the real time game...

Im with the last driver version , and i also try to change between oc and silent mode and continue the same... I have this problem in those 3 diferent games: PUBG , The Division 2 and Men of Medan, all the times rebooting happens in some loading screen. I dont know what could it be...

My config:

MSI B450 Gamming

R5 3600

5700XT Red Devil

16 GB 3200 Memory

Obs: i've never had this issue in my old RX580

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Adept I

Yeah I get the same in loading/menu/or in game. It either locks up with an artifact screen, stuck game frame or goes black and sits there till the pc resets itself.

This is my list of everything I've tried to fix it:

Tried all drivers from oldest to newest
Tried reinstalling with DDU
Reinstall windows 10, fully updated
Changed Windows 10 power profiles
Disabled Windows 10 security
Disable hardware acceleration
Installed chipset drivers
Tried another monitor
Tried with a single monitor connect.
Tried HDMI
Tried different DP ports
Tried another refresh rate
Rolled back bios
Updated to Latest bios again
Reset all bios settings
Set bios to only PCIE 3.0
Toggled different AMD software features
Changed in game video settings
Tried without Freesync
Tried one ram module
Tried 3 different 600-650w Power supplies and one with two seperate PCIE/VGA leads.
Tried running with only one hard drive/SSD

..yeah nothing works lol.