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radeon 19.2 drivers update

I installed the AMD Radeon 19.2 recommended drivers update and it really made a mess of my computer (HP Omen laptop running Windows 10).  It slowed down all processes, slowed down all graphics and slowed down all web browsing and made it impossible for me to watch Twitch streams.  I am a World of Warcraft player and it made the game graphics incredibly slow and glitchy.  It disabled my ability to open links via clicking on them in Discord (a chat program) which would then open them in my web browser (Firefox).  I'm glad I created a restore point prior to performing this recommended update because I had to roll back to that to recover my computer's functionality.

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Adept I

Ya 19.1 and 19.2 just broke my world of Warcraft game, also seeing that I never told you guys about this and guess I should now but my 4k 43' in full screen mode on world of Warcraft the screen flickers any time that you move the camera (FULL SCREEN MODE) the only way I got it to stop the flicker was to put it in (WINDOWS MODE),  this is a huge problem,, the monitor I have is ACER 43' 4k, playing World of Warcraft the monitor flickers like it goes to a solid white/black screen any time you go to move,  I guess I should record this for you guys,, but also 19.1 and 19.2 broke world of Warcraft game 

I'm wondering if the 19.1 update has also made a mess of my computer for playing World of Warcraft.  I don't seem to have issues with anything else, just World of Warcraft.  This seems like something for Radeon to coordinate with Blizzard about behind the scenes graphics updates which may have been made in World of Warcraft patch 8.1 which is when all my trouble began and also coincided with my AMD Radeon update to 19.1.