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Journeyman III

r9 fury problem in game

I bought r9 Fury. The seller said that everything is fine with her, did not change the bios, did not disperse, only played.
On my PC I can run Furmark, Witcher, Pubg, a rocket league with this card. All this card can withstand without problems. No artifacts, no brakes, no mistakes, no sorties.
But as soon as I run games of less demanding types CS: GO, DotA2, LoL or even Killing Floor, Everything gets bad.
Killing floor breaks the game.
The rest of the games are thrown to the desktop or black screen, then back into the game, and so every second.
it is impossible to play.
A set of drivers 18.5.1

Cpu: x3440

MB: p7p55d-evo

Ram: 16gb kingstone fury

Asus r9 fury

chieftec 600w

win 10 64

Yesterday, instead of Fury, there was the RX560 and with it all the games went fine, though with less FPS and settings.