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Journeyman III

r9 fury green screen

I am running an R9 Fury Video card and randomly, (Sometimes multiple times a day) my screen will go black, and then after a few seconds, it comes back on but the entire screen is a bright green.  It is random when it happens and I can go sometimes days without an incident, and other days are multiple times per day.  If I unplug the HDMI cable for a few seconds, then I plug it back in and it comes back. Like nothing happens. I am using the Crimson Graphics Drivers, Not sure on the version, but I think it is the latest, (As I have just reinstalled everything from scratch thinking that would fix it.) It also happens whether I am watching a movie, Playing a game, Or doing nothing at all.  I leave my system on all the time, and there are days when I wake up and the screen is green again.

CPU is AMD 8390

RAM is Hyper X 32GB (8GBX4)

Dual moniters one connected to HDMI (Main) and secondary is DVI to HDMI adapter. (DCI from card to HDMI to monitor)

The ONLY monitor it happens on is the main monitor.  Also happened with my old video card (R9 390X. Thats why I bought the R9 Fury cause I thought it might be the card.)

All new cables, All new hardware, Tried different monitors, Tried earlier drivers, I am at a loss.  Please help.


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