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Adept I

R9 390 crashes whole computer


Recently I bought a PC from a friend of mine, and it was absolutely fine. After 2 months GPU started to behave weirdly, like crashing? It throws a black screen and freezes sound, so whole computer gets crashed I guess. It happens every time I play a game (for example CS:GO) and alt+tab to desktop, or when I use some 2D apps (like damn desktop?). I've read some topics there, and even other forums and nothing helped... It happens on every drivers I tried, now I use newest one (Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.1 Optional). Windows throws only force shutdown error, when I have to turn it off with a button after a crash.

Unhelpful solutions:

Restoring BIOS to default (various options),

Reinstalling drivers,

Uninstalling drivers with DDU in safe mode and installing them again.

My PC config is:

CPU: Intel i5-4460,

MOBO: Asus Z97-A

GPU: Sapphire R9 390 NITRO Tri-X (without backplate)

PSU: Corsair CX750M

It made me sad, cuz it wasn't cheap, I do not even have a box for this GPU to send it to AMD service, and the warranty is gone, so I will have to pay for fixing it (if it is possible of course)

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Adept III

Re: R9 390 crashes whole computer

Install 19.8.2 or try change set XMP RAM speed lower.  I change my ram speed from 3200Mhz to 2800Mhz and BSOD

disappeared on 19.8.1. But 19.8.2 is stable for my

Adept I

Re: R9 390 crashes whole computer

I found only 19.8.1 on AMD website, could you link it please?

Adept I

Re: R9 390 crashes whole computer

And I found this: 

It helped for about 3-4h, but then crashed again when I alt+tab to desktop, then started to crash regularly...

Adept I

Re: R9 390 crashes whole computer

Damn, nevermind, it sent me to wrong website, I see 19.8.2 now. Gonna reinstall them and reply you again.

Adept I

Re: R9 390 crashes whole computer

Got the same issue like many others do with R9 390.

Warranty ran out, black screens started to appear. Got the Nitro with back plate.

Updated to every latest and also older driver with no change of the issue for the past 9 months.

The card always had(not anymore) coil whistling(high freq) in high fps 2d environments(loading/some menus > possibly even windows boot if I remember right), until the black screen appeared. > Thought this was a feature...


i7 6700

Sapphire Nitro R9 390 with back plate

+ Win10

Black screen appears first on bios pw login screen(in UEFI no black screen), then windows boot sequence.

Windows login screen is fine.

After that, browsing for long times or starting games(any game) causes black screen in full screen, until a 3d environment is reached(some after menu, some in menu > booting games is black screen unless not full screen).

Also in windows dark mode, the settings window in full screen, turns complete black for example, as are any dark environment scenarios, starting a movie for example.

Prolonged gaming now also crashes the whole PC.

After reboot, it crashes much faster at the same application.

Waiting for the next day and try again, or avoiding before used application is a work around.

Need any more details just ask.

This seems to be a epidemic it seems...

any help appreciated > bot not expecting any change at this stage...