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Journeyman III

R9 380 flicker only in CSGO

Hey Guys,

my old AMD System chrashed and i had to rebuild my setup. I replaced almost evrything but not the graphics card. Its a selfbuild Intel System with a Core i7 8700, ASUS Z320 Strix-F, 16 GB Ram, 550W Thermaltake PSU and my old PowerColor R9 380 PCS+. Installed OS is Windows 10 Pro x64, Graphics Driver atm the latest optional Driver 18.8.1. I have two Displays Installed, a BenQ 24 L Zowie XL2411@144Hz and another older TFT as 2nd Screen@60Hz. I have to check the model after work, also the installed BIOS etc.

The Problem is, CSGO flicker the whole time. Sometimes more, sometimes less but always in a random moment. It is not gamebreaking, but there is for a ms or something a white bar over the whole Screen. Not always on the same position, it changed continuous.

The following Games run without any problems: Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017), Far Cry 4, Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

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