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Journeyman III

R9 380 all games crash after 10-15 minutes

I recently installed a new SSD and an R9 380 GPU. I wanted to test it out and started playing Destiny 2. For the first 2 hours it went fine and i quit thinking it was okay. The next day started playing Destiny again and after 10-15 minutes it crashed without an error message. Waited a bit thinking it was an overheating problem and tried again after a few hours. Was watching the temperature of the CPU (AMD Athlon X4 840) and it was around 60-70 C and the GPU was around 40, then after 10 minutes it crashed again, and every game crashes without an error message. Don't know the problem and haven't found anything. I can do pretty much anything but play games.

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Journeyman III

Hi, i have same problem now. Every game crash (exit from game) after few minutes without any message. On windows event i have no alert or critical message .

I have downloaded previous driver but the same result. Gpu temperature is fine.

The problem comes true after i have installed new ssd e format windows .

AMD r9 380

AMD fx 8350

windows 10 

Have you found a solution?



Yeah I did find a solution. I just reinstalled the GPU driver until it was working.

Hope it helps!