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Journeyman III

R9 270X Sapphire 4GB OC Edition keeps crashing (and I know the reason)

I know there are many people upset with this graphics card, since it crashes all the time. Every single person on every single forum on internet will tell you to update your Windows, update your drivers, downgrade your drivers, test and change your power suply, motherboard and bla bla bla. Only generic and unnecessary words that doesn't aim this specifc problem.

Those are things that keep you chaising your own tail for a while. It's like a promisse that will never be fulfiled.

I prefer to believe they are well-intentioned (and misinformed) about it. None of this will ever work. I still don't if it's a hardware defect (from factory) or just a driver no one at AMD could ever write decently.

So here is the only """solution""" to this: underclock it.

Instead of the default 1070MHz, keep it on 1000MHz. For memory, keep it at 1350MHz and the power juice at +20%.

So, if anyone know how to edit a rom/bios for this graphics card since RBE up to version 128 doesn't work with this one, please let me know, so the default values would be changed and the issue finally "solved" without any adjustments on a daily basis (as sometimes it crashes before the Windows is full loaded).

This graphics crashes with all versions of drivers, all versions of Windows 10, Linux and Hackintosh. I can't imagine how this hardware could ever sold by AMD to the public and the company never said a thing about it.

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