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Journeyman III

R9 270 Flicker and lines issues and now can't even install a driver

So i got my R9 270 mounths ago and until few days agos everything was fine. recently when i was playing fallout 4 i notices some bugs and flickering in the compass and some lags and then
after that i sometimes get colored lines and the game crashes i thought it's just fallout 4 because when i play dota 2 nothing happens but then one time the lines gotten worse and the PC crashed and restarted and ever since i get some messed up graphics everytime windows opens.i tried safe mode and nothing happened so i used DDU to clean my driver and try to install again but when the driver was installing and it got to the point were the screen goes black and the resolution changes to 1080p (i use HDMI) the PC crashes and i hear 2 beeps and it restarts saying hyper sync transflood or something like that .
i've tried diffrent am drivers but it's the same thing . i even tried to go back to catalyst but nothing changed i also tried the crimson hotfix 16.4.2. now i am not sure if my GPU is having a problem with the drivers or it's with the 1080p HDMI resolution and i can't try VGA because i gave my adapter to a friend and i can't use DVI because my Sony Bravia TV don't support DVI
Please guys help me i don't wanna lose my GC because my PC is my life and i can't afford to get a new one anytime soon i am so sad i hope that someone can help me PLEASE I BEG YOU.
PS: now i am using it without any driver installed and it's ok nothing bad happens but i can't watch movies or watch movies .
my Specs :
R9 270 CPU: phenom 2 945 X4 / motherboard:MSI  PSU =500