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Journeyman III

R9 200 and HDMI Audio

Hello Everyone.

Here is my problem.  I have an R9 200 with an Intel DQ67SW Motherboard.  The R9 200 is dominating the audio output and I can't get audio to play through the 3.5MM jack if the HDMI is connected. The R9 200 does not support 5.1 audio and getting 5.1 is my goal, hence using the 3.5MM jack.

Here is what I've tried.

1. Under Sound, Video and game controllers I have disabled the AMD Audio.  That did not work, so I uninstalled it.  After rebooting, Windows 10 reinstalls the driver.

2. Set computer speaker to the default device under sound. Even disabled the AMD output under this section.

3. Configured speakers to 5.1 and still no audio.

4. Uninstalled the Catalyst software, reinstalled it using custom settings and NOT installed the audio portion.

When I try these possible solutions the audio from the HDMI cable will stop playing.  But, (while the HDMI is connected) there is no audio from the 3.5mm.

If I disconnect the HDMI I will get audio from the 3.5mm jack.


Thanks for your time.