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Journeyman III

R5 M420 Radeon Settings latest version not working

My laptop has a Radeon R5 M420 graphics card. At this time, Windows 10 version 1803 is installed. The Radeon Settings software does not work the last time I updated it. I have updated many times and returned the old version. The 17.7 version works fine, but when I am updated to version 18.2.1 the software does not work. If you offer a solution to this problem, please be glad.

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Please post the exact MAKE & MODEL of your Laptop plus the following information according to AMD Forum rule : INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .

You might be downloading the wrong driver for your Laptop from AMD Support. You must download the driver for your AMD APU and not discrete GPU card. If your Laptop has an Intel CPU then you can download just the AMD driver for the discrete GPU card installed.

Follow these instructions from AMD Forums on how to install AMD Drivers on your laptop: Laptop graphics update...How to and how to make the laptop switchable or with Dual Graphics installed : Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System

Go to your Laptop's manufacturers Support site and see if they have a newer BIOS and CHIPSET update for your Laptop. If they do, update those first. They tend to make newer software and hardware more compatible.