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Journeyman III

R5 220 GPU issue with 60FPS video and streams

Since I bought a R5 220 I've been having issues with 60FPS videos and streams. I'm using Windows 10 21H1, Ryzen 7 3700x CPU, 16GB RAM. 

For instance on Chrome I've used to have this issue, the video just lags a lot when on 60FPS, but that was fixed by changing the render thing to DX9 or something. 

But this is very frustrating when using Geforce Now Streaming services, it is just impossible to use that app on 60FPS settings and this GPU should be able to handle it. I've used Geforce Now with 60FPS settings using a entry level casual integrated graphics card from a 2011-2012 notebook from Dell and everything was fine, also used this service with INTEL HD 4000 irrelevant integrated video card from intel and also with no issues.

It is very frustrating that I can't run this with a R5 220 (which I know is pretty basic, but still, shouldn't be worse than entry level integrated gpus from 2011-2012 intel).  What a terrible card. And to imagine I had to pay 1/3 of minimum wage in my country to buy this.. sorry for the rant. 

 Does anyone know a fix for this? Any settings that could be causing this issue? I know this probably won't have any responses but please if you know a fix, share with everyone on this topic. I've already tried installing the avaialable drivers, but nothing fixes this issue. 

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