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"Failed to initialise OpenCL" error; GPU doesn't work on Premiere Pro CC 2019

Hi everyone.

I'm having some trouble with my Rx 560. Some days ago I started to have this issue: when I open Adobe Premiere, "Failed to initialise OpenCL" pops-up. When I try to export something in Media Encoder using the OpenCL, the archive comes with no video (entirely black), so I have to use only CPU. My playback in 'program' is reeeally slow and sometimes my PC can't even play complex timelines.

Everytime I restart my PC (Windows 10 64bit, 16gb RAM, i7), there is another error, this time on Radeon's app: Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure.

I've tryed to reinstall and downgrade drivers many times, but nothing has changed. What it could be?



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Re: "Failed to initialise OpenCL" error; GPU doesn't work on Premiere Pro CC 2019

Use GPU-Z and be sure that OPENCL is checked for the GPU card.

According to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 recommended GPU cards, the RX 560 is not listed under WINDOWS OPENCL: Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements

Your system seems to comply for running Adobe.: Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements

Maybe this might help from Adobe Forum: I cant use my GPU in Premiere Pro 2018, Adobe M... | Adobe Community

Download the latest RX 560 from AMD Driver download page: Radeon™ RX 560 Drivers & Support | AMD  and see if it makes any difference.

Seems like Adobe prefers that you install a Professional AMD/Nvidia GPU card for this program. But it should still work with the RX 560 if it meets the minimum PC System requirements.

Try opening a AMD EMAIL SUPPORT TICKET from here. They may be able to guide you on what to do or if the RX 560 is compatible for ADOBE Premiere to use from here: Online Service Request | AMD