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Journeyman III

Projecting to this PC is grayed out

I install windows 10 via boot camp assistance on my mac. 

I have iMac late 2017 - 27 inches with Radeon 5700 Pro graphic card.

The problem I have is I can easily project my windows desktop from my mac machine to any windows machine around. but I can not project other windows desktop to my windows on mac machine.

the reason is that all the option on my Projecting to this PC is grayed out and the default is always off.

I already tried to fix it in the "registry" and also with gbedit as in this post:

Projecting to this PC settings greyed out - Microsoft Community 

but none of them help to solve the issue. 

I think Radeon pro software somehow banned this option. 

any help would be appreciated.

Thank you 


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Not sure what the issue is and hopefully someone may know. However the drivers on a Mac even the Bootcamp drivers are supported by Apple, so it could be a limitation from them. 

You might want to ask this question in a Mac forum too. This forum is mostly Windows and some linux users.